Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Some may be unfamiliar with Che'nelle, but one thing's for sure is that here in Malaysia she's a household name and we're proud of it!

Cheryline Lim (Che'nelle's actual name) was born in Sabah, Malaysia.
She moved to Perth, Australia at the age of 10 with her family and studied her way into the music scene untill somebody recognized her talent and signed her up under a successful recording label in the US...Virgin Records America!

Since then, just like most artist out there, she's decided to choose a stage name for herself. Thus, Che'nelle was born!
Her music genre is more raggae-club-pop.

Back in Australia, Che'nelle was once an opening act for Kanye West's concert. This was one of the way she gained recognition down under.

But her big break came after her first single was released...'I Fell In Love With The Dj'.
It was an instant hit!
A smart approach indeed. I mean, how could you not like it?
Its Catchy, the beat is dance-able and the lyrics was written specially for a club scene.
So it's no wonder that all the clubs all over the world was (and still is) blasting the song away.
Once again..SMART ;)

Che'nelle then wrote and sang a soundtrack for 'Take The Lead'. A hit movie that put her on the charts yet again.
The track is simply tittled 'Teach me how to dance'.
The song is an awesome fast dance track and was even heard on 2 famouse reality dance show > 'Dancing With The Stars' and 'So you Think You Can Dance'.

By this time, Che'nelle has grown a large fanbase in Japan.
There, she's made a name for herself not only as a singer and entertainer but also a model. sexyyyyy *wink wink
And to reward her japanese fans, Che'nelle even released another single there tittled 'First Love'. One of my favourites.

In the music industry however, Che'nelle is no stranger...she's literally rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names in music and even collabrated with some> namely, Colby O Donnis for 'Razor/stranger' and even the Mr. Lover Lover himself, Shaggy for 'Running The Muck'.
Che'nelle is also known for doing covers of other famouse songs (in which she'll turn them into a more sexy female version) such as 'Hot', 'Bed' and even a reply of 'Trading places' in which she kept Usher's vocals in it and turned it into a hot hot hot duet!

Che'nelle may seems like one of those sexy im-too-good-for-you celebrity but in person, she's still Cheryline Lim from Sabah. Humble.
I may not have personally met her before but im always keeping myself updated with her through facebook and myspace (this was way before facebook :p)
And she's never failed to reply any of my messages.
And from this i can tell that she's down to earth and loves keeping her fans connected.

Now Miss Che'nelle is out again with her second album soon to be released and her 2nd single is called 'Feel Good'. A feel good song without a doubt!
One of my favourite slower songs of the album has also gotta be 'Missing' and 'Venus and Mars'.

To all those reading this, i'd recommend you readers to go ahead and take a listen. She's a fantastic singer with an angelic voice and a good entertainer.
Im just waiting for the moment when she'll push Rihanna to the side of the stage! (though she doesnt like it when anyone compares her to Rihanna cuz each and everyone artist should be respected accordingly).

But nevertheless, keep your ears wide open and pay attention to Che'nelle cuz she's got a story for us all ;)

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