Saturday, July 31, 2010

'Decorate' by YUNA!

Known as Malaysia's Norah Jones, Yuna is one of the country's most precious diamond in the music industry.
I had a listen to her 2nd album- 'Decorate' - and i was left in aww.
One word can described this album....Awesomely Beautiful! (okay so its 2 words but thats only because i really think its worth calling it AWESOME!).

'Decorate' consists of 10 tracks.
1. gadis semasa
2. these streets
3. penakut
4. fireworks
5. random awesomeness
6. rocket
7. permission
8. cinta sempurna
9. decorate
10. super something & dan sebenarnye

So im not a professional critic....but here's MY point of view on each track.

-Gadis Semasa-
previously known as 'Lagu Baru' before Yuna had a name for it, I can honestly see this track to be used as one of Grey's Anatomy soundtrack. But only because it reminds me strongly of the kind of music used in the show.
And therefor i wont be surprise one day we'll be hearing this as one of our local drama/movie soundtrack.
Gadis semasa talks about how typical boys always seems to want to find that certain girl who is willing to give him everything, not seeing what he already has infront of him and is just too inlove with himself. A situation both boys and girls have/been/will go through. Therefor its universally an acceptable song..if you understand malay ofcourse ;)

-These Streets-
This track has a more urban indie feel to it. I tend to imagine myself walking down the dark corners of an empty street. But im just explaining the music's FEEL in it.
What it's about? > When a relationship gets complicated due to the emptiness of a dying spark, one can only wonder where its going....
need i say more?

Another one of my top favourites, 'Penakut' explains the complication of one's intention on another due to uncertain wants. Love is not all easy right? Especially when one does not belong to the other. long story short. The music in this is more simple, sad and direct. And thats all thats needed to make a song so beautiful yet strongly expressive.

There's always an up and down. In my book, this is one of those songs i have yet to have a 'liking' to it.
If i have to describe a scenario for this melody, it'll be a group of teens high on drugs in a room while the visions blur in and out spirally out of control. Can you picture it?..Keep in mind this is all only my point of view ya!
what the song is about? > ummmm....... (im too distracted by that image, i can hardly focus on the words).

-Random Awesome-
Back to being sober!
'Random awesome' is just awesome (period)
The melody in this one is just happily breathtaking yet simple. Its talks about falling in love and keeping it in between themselves.
It expresses the beauty and thrill of finding new love perfectly. This is one of those songs that just makes you want to smile quietly.

If you're a Yuna follower then this track would be all too familiar.
One of the 3 tracks from her previous album, 'Rocket' talks about being appreciative and happy to always have a partner to go through life with.
An easily love-able track, the melody here is so bubbly and can sense the happiness and love in this one. And Yuna still somehow keeps it simple and pleasing!
Now, all 3 tracks from the previous album had work done on the instrumentals. Here, there's more background vocals and extra instruments.
This track was recorded in LA.

Catchy indie beat.
'Permission' explains how one cope with a break-up. Pretending is all what she's trying to do. To pretend to move on and be happy when in fact, she's upset and empty.
Once love ends, EMPTINESS sets in everything an ex couple shared.
Just a brief explanation about this track.
Come to think of it, this track should just be tittled 'Empty'. :p

-Cinta Sempurna-
aahhhhh....'Cinta sempurna'
Another of my favourite from her previous album. One of the most emotional, heartfelt, sad malay song to date.
'Cinta Sempurna' tells how one is nto able to accept another's love and commitment due to fear of...perfection.
Did i not mention that love is complicated?
Well this song just states that not everything thats perfect ends beautifully.
The 'improvements' made on this track includes the background vocals and added violin instrumentals. classic.

The MOST disappointing track in the album.
beautiful arrangements, perfect lyrics, clear expressions......what's the problem???
take a listen and tell me in 1 minuet why.
Time time time!It needs MORE.
Its too short for a bloody good song!!!!
I, no..WE, DEMAND a longer version of this!
such a waste of one of the most best track i've heard.
'Decorate' stories how one has been rejected but stays where they are in hopes of the ex 'comeback'. A sad song actually.
Its even more sad for us listeners when we only get 1 minuet of it. :(

-Super Something-
Back to being catchy, 'Super something' is another soundtrack potential song (to my ears) ;)
To me, it pretty much tells how Yuna is dedicating this song to all her friends who made it possibe for her to be what she is now...from nothing, to a super something!
But the beauty of this song more relates on how it can also be dedicated to just anyone who's made one very happy.

and finally....

-Dan Sebenarnye-
Yuna's winning song. The one that brought her to the limelight, making her known, and made her the big winner at the recent AIM.
'Dan Sebenarnye' is more of a rebound song (or so thats what she said in a radio interview in LA).
What the story is about?> Being in denial after a break-up. A sense of hope and 'what ifs' still holds on to one's bitter heart.
Unlike the other 2 previous song, 'Dan Sebenarnye' has been improvised in a total different way towards it's feel and emotion.
You can consider it an acoustic version of the song but with added instrumentals and better vocal clarity and performance.
To me, this is a better expression of the song. mellow...

So there you have it peeps...Yuna's DECORATE.
Worth the money to get.
The album will be sold nation wide in AUGUST.
Yuna has proven to herself and everyone else that she's a talented artist.

However, if you've been to her showcase or has been youtubing her performances the you'd noticed that some of the tracks she performed are not in the album...example: coffee.
This is due to its release only in her american album. darn....gotta get my hands on them somehow! When there's a will, there's a way baybeh :D

*So to YUNA, Kuddos on this well produced album!*


  1. had to agree with you. the song decorate is beautiful but it's too short. can't get enough of it.

  2. I. JUST. LOVE. The entire album. It has a certain consistent mood to the song arrangements. I love the fact that YUNA stays being THE element of surprise to anyone who has not known her or heard her songs. I am not sure how this will go down with the critics but, DECORATE's mellifluousness has come on par with greats like Come Away With Me, and its edginess and moodiness closely remind you of Put YOur Records.

    Well done Yuna!!